Quad Kids Athletics competition

It was a pleasure to take two teams of 8 children to a new Sheffield event: Quad Kids Athletics.

They competed in 4 events:

  • 50m Sprint
  • Standing jump
  • Howler throw
  • 400m run

Times and distances were converted to points and added up to a team result.

It was incredibly close:

  • 1st 121      Ballifield 1
  • 2nd 117       Dore Y3GD
  • 3rd 115       Dore Y3H
  • 4th= 112      Athelstan 1
  • 4th= 112       Ballifield 2
  • 6th 108       Athelstan 2
  • 7th 106       Ballfield 4
  • 8th 99       Ballfield 3

All the other teams were Year 4s so our Year 3s did exceptionally well.

They were great at supporting each other, keeping positive and doing their very best. It really was an excellent afternoon of sport thanks to their Team Dore attitude.

Thanks also to the parents and family members who gave lifts and support.