Reading Challenges 2023

We are starting to get some brillinat responses to our the 2023 Reading Challenges!

Please encourage your child to complete as many challenges as possible. Put your initials next to a challenge when they omplete it. Please return the sheets to class teachers by Friday 9th June.  One child per class will have the chance to win a prize, if they take part in the challenges: a free book from the Roving Bookshop!

Please send photographs of your child completing the Reading for Pleasure challenges to your year groups email account, so that these can be shared in school: e.g. .

Pre School and Reception


Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Reading Spine

If you need any inspiration of a book to read next, all the Magical World of Books and The Book Jungle have multiple Reading Spine books for children to borrow!