School Site


Car Park

Thank you to all the parents who adhere to the longstanding DPS policy that parents must not park in the school car park without express permission from the school. The car park is for use of staff and authorised vehicles ONLY

In order to safeguard our children and those who attend the Kingswood preschool the school car park gates are shut at the busiest times of day.  The main car park gates are closed from  8.15 a.m to 9.15 a.m. and 2.45 p.m. to 4.50 p.m.

The office may issue a short term permit for parents if there is a special circumstance associated with medical grounds. There is a disabled parking space for registered users.  

Thank you for not dropping off/picking up your child in the car park AT ANY TIME of the day without express permission. 

Road Parking

Thank you for parking considerately of those who live around school, and for parking safely. There is clear OFFICIAL signage that declares NO STOPPING on the yellow zig-zag markings around school. Our school site and its surround is regularly patrolled by our local police who will issue tickets to those who are parked illegally. 

We encourage as many of our families as possible to walk to school or to park at a distance and walk – PARK AND STRIDE, We have a mini scooter park where children may leave their scooter during the school day at owner’s risk.  

School Grounds and Gates

The side gates to school are open before school until 9:00am, and are then opened again from 3:00pm until 4:30pm. In the case of ice or snow, it may be that only the main entrance on Furniss Avenue is opened to allow the building supervisor to prioritise this entrance for clearing and gritting.

In the morning, children are expected to enter school between 8:30 and 8:50, when registers are taken. No ball games are permitted before school, and any child coming to school on a scooter or bike is asked to get off at the school gates and push through the school grounds to help avoid collisions and injuries.

The School Grounds are open for children to access – WITH PARENTAL SUPERVISION – after school until 4:30pm, when the side gates are locked.