Spring 2 week 4. The Crunchy Munchin caterpillar.

This week we have continued to think about spring and the insects that are starting to come out of their winter hibernation.

We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The crunchy munchin caterpillar and What the lady bird heard. We also read a book about snail and learn some new snail facts!

Making clay insects and using crates to build an enormous caterpillar .

The children made symmetrical butterflies by using their fingers to paint on one side of the butterfly . They then folder their paper in half sprinkled it with magic and when they opened the paper …wow ! both sides were the same !

Using cardboard, we cut out circles, then decorated them using paint and corks as stampers. We then threaded the circles together to make a giant caterpillar !

The children pretended to make a fire using sticks and grass . They sat round it on the crates.

Enjoying the sunny spring March day .