Outdoor Learning

FS2 are ornithologists!

In outdoor learning this week we headed on a tour of the grounds to see what kinds of birdlife we could spot in advance of the Great British Birdwatch happening this weekend. The children had to exercise a lot of skills: observation, regulating themselves so they can stay calm to not scare the birds, matching […]

Apple Stewing

This week the children in FS2 put their peeling and chopping skills to the test. Following a safety talk we used peelers to peel the apple skins and then a knife to chop our apples into chunks. We could then head to the DT Studio and stew our apples with some sugar and cinnammon which […]

Y1- Outdoor learning

Year 1 have been learning about seasonal changes and Hedgehogs! We went on a leaf hunt around school and created our own habitats for Hedgehogs.

Y3 Science & Outdoor learning – types of skeletons

As Scientists, Year 3 found out about the different types of skeletons: vertebrates (back bone) and invertebrates (no back bone). These skeleton types were further classified into: endoskeletons (back bone and bones in side body), exoskeletons (no backbone and bones outside of body) and hydrostatic skeletons (no bones). We sorted different different animals into these […]

New to Year 3!

Year 3 have a had a fantastic time in our new classes and took advantage of the sunny weather to take part in some team building activities. We had to work as a team to complete the challenges ensuring we listened to each other, cooperated well and were resilient when the task was tricky! The […]