World Book Day at Dore Primary School 2023

This year, World Book Day had a potato theme! Inspired by brilliant Books like Supertato and I am a Poetato the children all created a vegetable version of a character from one of their favourite books.

We came together to share our favourites at he end of the day! A big thanks to The Village Greens for supplying all the vegetables for us.

However, perhaps even more important than potatoes, were the opportunities to read and share books together:

  • In class
  • On our own
  • With families
  • With a class from another key stage

We’ll keep sharing books and reading in school and I am sure the children will be inspired to do the same at home too. They should all have brought home a Book Token and a Reading Challenge Sheet to really have fun reading.

Please encourage your child to complete as many challenges as possible. Put your initials next to a challenge when they complete it. Please return the sheets to class teachers by Friday 9th June.  One child per class will have the chance to win a prize, if they take part in the challenges: a free book from the Roving Bookshop!

Please send photographs of your child completing the Reading for Pleasure challenges to your year groups email account, so that these can be shared in school: e.g. .