Y4 Design & Technology – Chiton Making

To support our understanding of the Ancient Greek world, we learned about why loose-fitting garments like ‘chitons’ would be comfortable in the Greek climate.

To create our own chiton (for a teddy), we used some scraps of material to practice running stitch, which we had learned in Y3. We then learned how to do backstitch, and realised this was useful when making clothes as it creates a tight seam.

We developed these skills by making a small pocket. We sewed two pieces of material together using a backstitch for the three closed sides, then sewing the open hem up with running stitch.

For the main project, we carefully measured the large ‘T’ shape we needed to make our chitons, then cut two equally-sized pieces of material. We had to remember to leave enough material for the seam not to fray, and now know this is called a ‘seam allowance’. Once this was complete, we pinned and sewed up our chitons, again using backstitch for the sides, and running stitch for the collar. Finally, we used some wool to make a belt.

We are pretty happy with our results!