Y4 Portal Stories

Y4 have spent a great deal of care, time and effort creating these amazing stories. First we read about different examples of ‘portal story’, including The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Phantom Tollbooth. We worked out that mostly portal stories start with someone who isn’t happy with their everyday life (just like Harry Potter), but then they discover a portal and travel through it to have some amazing adeventures. We wrote our first parts, where we find the portal, then in Outdoor Learning created our portals.

Next we had to gain employment at ‘Interimaginational Institute¬†for Fantastical Exploration &¬†Cartography’ by describing some famopus story maps in detail. We then used our new job to develop our vocabulary and cartographical skills, and create story maps with places and creatures we might visit in our portal stories.

All too soon, we were back in the real world, and had to end our stories with us back from our adventures and no one believing us. We still have the proof though, in these amazing scrolls we’ve produced with our stories and maps on.