Y4 Raft Building (and Floating!)

As an end of term celebration, which we had to postpone from Easter because of rain (seems a long time ago now!), Y4 utilised some of their Outdoor Learning knowledge to lash sticks together to create rafts. We then took them down to Old Hay Brook and Totley Brook to test them out. As you can see, they were very successful. Some of the designs could easily have been scaled up to make much bigger rafts.

One of our pupils gave us a run-down of the crayfish that can be found in the brooks. Unfortunately, most of the ones we found are an invasive species, which means they have been introduced from another country (America), and are taking over from the native species, which have a paler / pinky underside to their claws.

Parents, we promise we told them to stay where the water was below their wellies!