Y4 Sheffield Children’s Book Awards Visit

Y4 spent a fantastic day in Sheffield city centre, attending the Sheffield Children’s Book Awards. At a very lively ceremony, we were entertained by ‘That Poetry Guy’, then saw the winners of the various awards, including the ones we had voted for when we were in Y3. The Lord Mayor of Sheffield presented the overall prize.

Then we had a book signing session with the authors, and lots of us got our books signed and personalised. After that we had lunch in Tudor Square, then spent time practising our sketching skills of the plants in the Winter Gardens. This linked with our Amazonian Adventure learning journey, as many of the plants there are from rainforest regions.

We then had a look through the Millenium Galleries, before heading to some workshops held by two of our favourite authors: SF Said and Louie Stowell. They were excellent, and we got to ask them lots of questions about their lives as authors.

Many thanks to Mr Hanks for organising most of this fantastic experience for us.