Y4 Using Our Loaves

Our second learning journey was all about science. We spent a lot of time thinking like scientists, and conducted several investigations.

We began by learning about our teeth, thinking about the different types we have and what they are useful for. We did an investigation using eggs (their shells are a similar material to teeth) to find out what the effects of different drinks are on our teeth of we don’t brush them. The results were quite scary!

We discovered how our teeth form part of our digestive system, and we recreated the journey food takes from when we put it in our mouths to it coming out the other end! Our recreation showed how nutrients are taken from food for our bodies to use during this journey.

We then investigated how different substances change state from gases to liquids to solids, and sometimes back the other way. This built on our ‘Water Cycle’ knowledge from our previous learning journey. We looked at how different materials can help to keep a substance (ice) in its solid state depending on how well they can insulate.

Finally, and probably everyone’s favourite piece of learning, was our investigation into how yeast can react and create bubbles if it has the right conditions. We then used this to great effect by baking our own loaves. We learned how to mix, knead, give time to prove (to allow the yeast to work), knock back and then finally bake!