Y5 Castleton Visit

Y5 had a great trip out to Castleton last week. The children visited Peveril Castle and learnt about the history of the castle and how it was built in the wake of the Norman Conquest (when William the Conqueror came to the throne). The children were able to link this with their learning in relation to 1066 and William’s efforts to take control of Anglo-Saxon England. They also studied the design of the castle and linked this with their Design and Technology learning in relation to the trebuchets they are building.

The children then went on a walk round the local area, following a route set out for them. They used their geography learning to: orientate their maps with a compass, locate six-figure grid references , use them to find their location and use contour lines to interpret the gradient that they would be walking on. They also learnt about some of the interesting history of the valley and the various land uses in the local area.