Year 3 to Creswell Craggs

It was so lovely to be able to take the Year 3 children on a trip out of school. The double decker took us quickly to Creswell Craggs. We really got to understand our Mists of Time learning in context: with hippos, bears and hyenas living along side homo sapiens right here in Britain.

We also drew on previous learning; such as scientific understanding of skeletons, to literally piece together the evidence; outdoor learning to build shelters and light a fire; and TASC to work effectively in groups.

Well done to all the Year 3s. They really showed their knowledge and skills by giving great answers, linking their ideas together and asking brilliant questions.

Next trip will be to Weston Park Museum (Friday 22nd April 2022) to see what the Ancient Egyptians were up to whilst British folk were living in caves and dodging dire wolves.