Religious Education

At Dore Primary School, our children receive high-quality RE lessons that enable them to grow up to be healthy, kind, responsible and independent members of society with an awareness of those with a faith and what spirituality means to them. We aim to help them understand how they are developing personally and socially, and to tackle many of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up locally, nationally and globally.

We provide our children with opportunities for them to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society.   Our children are able to understand and empathise with those who have a faith, and have the skills necessary to support each other as they grow up in a diverse, changing world. We want them to feel confident in their sense of self, to understand who they are, what makes them special and the importance of celebrating the differences between each other. We want them to feel empowered to navigate their way through life being able to manage the various risks that they will face, with knowledge, confidence and resilience. Throughout this journey, we want them to make choices that keep themselves and others safe, and know what to do and who they can go to if they ever need help or support.  

We use Discovery RE Scheme of Work to teach discrete RE lessons at Dore Primary School. This scheme uses an enquiry-based approach which also links to the statutory RE required in the Sheffield Curriculum “Enquiring Minds”.  The scheme is a progressive and sequential programme building on the skills and learning intentions in each year group.   Our learning also links to our school expectations and values, the Early Years Development Matters Document in FS2, SMSC opportunities, British Values (Democracy, Rule of Law, individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs) and skills and attitudes to enquiry-based learning.   We work with our local community by visiting different places of worship. We have opportunities to visit Christ Church Dore, Madinah Mosque and Sheffield Cathedral to link with our units of work. We welcome visitors to school where this links to learning.

Through the development of our values led teaching we are always looking out for opportunities to celebrate diversity and to show respect and understanding to those with or without a faith or belief in a religion.


RE News:

  • Pre-School Spring 2 Week 3
    We have been learning about Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. We had great fun throwing powder paints at a sheet and generally getting messy with paints, exploring what happened when we added water to it. We also painted rangoli patterns and danced with streamers. We’ve been learning about 2D shapes. Playing in the snow […]
  • Y3 Visit to Dore Church and The Village Greens Grocers
    To celebrate the end of term and the Christmas season Year 3 visited Dore Church and The Village Greens Grocers. The trip also helped use with out Religious Education question ‘Has Christmas lost its true meaning?’ The Church look fabulously decorated ready for Christmas and the children enjoyed finding out about these Christian traditions. We […]
  • Y4 RE – Christ Church Visit
    As part of our RE unit of Christianity, Y4 were invited to visit Christ Church in the village. As well as seeing inside the church, we learned about some Christian beliefs, and reminded ourselves of the Nativity story. Back in school we created Christingles from oranges, ribbon, candles and sweets on cocktail sticks. For Christians […]
  • Y4 Buddhism Visitor
    This week Y4 were visited by Srivati from The Still Living Buddhist Centre in Walkley. She added to our learning so far about Buddhism, reminding us of the story of the Buddha, along with many aspects of the daily life of Buddhists. We finished with a non-denominational meditation session, that you can see from the […]
  • Being Detectives and Working Together
    In Science this week the children became detectives and had to use their observational skills to figure out which type of animal we are going to be learning about over the coming weeks. There were lots of clues to investigate – I wonder if any of the children can tell their grown ups which animal […]
  • Y1 – Art / RE
    The children listened to the Christian parable of The Lost Sheep and thought about the moral of the story. They then made their own paper plate sheep using card and cotton wool !
  • Y1 – RE / Computing
    Today, we listened to the Christian story of ’The Good Samaritan’. We thought about Jesus’ message to love thy neighbour and who our neighbours are. The children then used the Activ inspire app on the laptops to label different characters from the story with key adjectives. Through this activity, the children were able to practise […]
  • Y1 – RE
    Today in our RE lesson the children listened to the story, ’Whoever you are’ by Mem Fox. We discussed what the message behind the story was and then used this learning to help us sort some key words into a venn diagram to see if they are experienced by all people or are different.
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day Three
    Day Two ended with campfire, with a sing-a-long and hot chocolate. Day Three began with FOUR birthday celebrations, then continued with several games and activities. As I write, children are on their final game, before they have some free time to finish off an amazing three days. Our thanks go to all the staff at […]
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day Two
    Today has seen more endeavour from our amazing Y4s. As everyone had a great night’s sleep, we’ve seen full participation in all the activities again. Our RE learning today has been about finding out more about what Christians believe Jesus’ life was like. We’ve got campfire coming up soon, so will post the photos from […]
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day One
    Our first day at the Oakes has been fantastic! The children have, of course been amazing and have given every single challenge and activity their very best efforts. The weather (and the food!) have been kind to us, and as always the Oakes team leaders have been exceptional. As part of our RE learning, children […]