Design and Technology

Food Technology: Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking is a key element of our curriculum. It is becoming increasingly important that children know the value of a healthy diet, and how to prepare fresh, healthy meals for themselves.  Each year group provides children with several food-related activities in , with the emphasis on children trying new foods and flavours where possible.

Textiles and Product Design

Design and Technology is taught through our creative curriculum. All design and technology tasks involve pupils designing and making a product for a particular person with a specific purpose in mind. Pupils are taught specific skills including cutting, shaping, joining and finishing techniques which they are then able to apply to complete their tasks. They are given the opportunity to develop their technical knowledge and are able to independently select and use a wide variety of materials and components. Pupils are given time to develop their ideas, plan, make, evaluate and refine their own products. Most topics have a D&T element and pupils are able to build and develop their skills  throughout school life.


D&T News:

  • FS2 Elder Bead Caterpillars
    The children demonstrated such resilience this week as we learnt how to use a new tool – the hack saw. After listening to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we decided to make our own caterpillars using sticks of Elder. The children learnt how to saw the wood into small pieces and then remove the soft pith using a […]
  • FS2 Pancake Making MS JHG
    We had lots of fun on Tuesday making pancakes. We measured, mixed and stirred our dry ingredients first. Then we mixed our wet ingredients together and, when we were all ready, mixed them together carefully. Then our batter was smooth and ready for us to cook in the pan. Because we added baking powder it started to bubble. We let […]
  • FS2 Bear Hunt Den Building
    In outdoor learning this week, the children recalled the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. They told it with such confidence and enjoyment! Next we went on a teddy bear hunt, but there was a problem…the bears needed dens! So off we went with our loppers to chop some branches down to layer up over our stick tripods. […]
  • Y4 Design & Technology – Chiton Making
    To support our understanding of the Ancient Greek world, we learned about why loose-fitting garments like ‘chitons’ would be comfortable in the Greek climate. To create our own chiton (for a teddy), we used some scraps of material to practice running stitch, which we had learned in Y3. We then learned how to do backstitch, and realised this was useful […]
  • Y6 – D.T – Testing the strength of different shapes
    In D.T this half term, Year 6 pupils will be constructing a prototype mountain shelter which must be able to resist strong compression forces applied from above (simulating heavy snowfall or an avalanche). To inform the design process, pupils experimented with different shapes, constructing these out of paper and then considering ways to reinforce each shape.
  • FS2 The Tomten and the Fox
    In outdoor learning this week, the children listened to the story of the Tomten and the Fox – a Scandinavian tale of a hungry fox in search of food in winter. Luckily for him, a kind Tomten (Scandinavian troll) who guards the farm at night was on watch and shared his bowl of warm porridge with him. He agreed to […]
  • Y4 Bread Baking
    To finish our ‘Food for Thought’ learning journey, Y4 baked bread! We thought about some of the changes of state taking place in the process – including the reaction of yeast, the mixing of water and flour, and how butter can be made from shaking whipping cream (for a long time). Viki Garbett from twiddlefood kindly came in to demonstrate […]
  • FS2 The Giving Tree
    This term we are celebrating kindness – one of our core values. We listened to a magical story where a tree gives its fruit, branches, trunk and eventually stump to one little boy throughout his life with nothing in return. It prompted a P4C discussion about what kindness is and got children thinking about how we show kindness towards others. […]
  • Y1 Rockets to Fly us to the Moon!
    The children had a great morning, designing and creating their own rockets to kick start our space topic “Fly me to the Moon” and our English learning about Katherine Johnson.
  • Y3 Design and Technology – Christmas Decorations
    This half term we have been busy improving our sewing skills. We have been learning how to do running and blanket stitch. Then using these skills to create our polar animal decorations ready for hanging up at home! Have a look at what we’ve produced…
  • FS2 Christmas Decorations
    In our final week of term, FS2 got busy with the potato peelers. Look at their wonderful Father Christmas decorations! Some really great fine motor control was practised here and the children were really pleased with the results.
  • Y4 Design & Technology Reindeer
    To create our cute reindeer, Y4 had to measure, mark and cut their wood. Then they had to sand down the rough edges. Next we drilled holes for the legs, neck and antlers and stuck on noses and eyes. Finally we plaited scarves to finish off our creations. As the photos show, this required some fantastic teamwork from the whole […]
  • Y6 – D.T – Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas
    In D.T this half term, Year 6 have been cooking Jamaica’s national dish: jerk chicken with rice and peas. Children started by looking at the recipe for jerk chicken, sampling the various aromatics which go into the spice blend and crafting their own perfect marinade. With their spice blends chosen, children prepared traditional Jamaican rice and peas as an accompaniment […]
  • Y2- Preparing and Cooking Chilli
  • FS2 Apple Stew
    A warm welcome back to Autumn 2. We kick started outdoor learning this week with some tasty apple stew. We collected the apples from the tree on our school grounds, peeled and chopped them, before stewing them on the camp fire. The children were ready, safe and respectful around the fire and when using the tools to prepare the fruit.
  • Y6 – Design and Technology – Making Chocolate
    In Y6, this half term, we have been learning about the ways in which Aztecs used the beans of the cacao tree to make edible products. We also compared and contrasted the Aztec use of cacao to how the Europeans began to make use of cacao once it was brought back to Europe. Focussing on the process of designing, making […]
  • Year 3 – D&T – Fruity Flapjack
    Throughout our ‘Fantastic Food and Brilliant Bodies’ learning journey we have talked about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for fueling our bodies. As we were off on our first Year 3 Autumn walk in to the woods, we knew we would need a healthy snack. Working together we made a tray of fruity flapjack for each of our […]
  • FS2 Spin Drums
    What a windy week! This week our learning took us outside where we observed the trees blowing and heard the leaves rustling. We marched up to the Horse Chestnut Tree, and what gems did we find? Conkers…. and so many of them! We gathered them up and brought them back to our classroom, pockets bulging. Then we learnt how to […]
  • Design and Food Technology – Ice-cream!
    What better way to finish a series of Maths lesson using mass and capacity, than to use these skills to make ice-cream? The children worked brilliantly together to measure the incredients and follow the recipe to make delicious ice-cream. It was the perfect way to cool off in the hot weather!
  • Y4 Raft Building (and Floating!)
    As an end of term celebration, which we had to postpone from Easter because of rain (seems a long time ago now!), Y4 utilised some of their Outdoor Learning knowledge to lash sticks together to create rafts. We then took them down to Old Hay Brook and Totley Brook to test them out. As you can see, they were very […]