Year 3 – Philosophy for children

Y3H Norway too part in an excellect P4C session on Friday. We read Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson and discussed whether Cave Baby’s artistic creativity were naughty or inspired. We then related this to modern art and graffeti. The children came up with some excellent questions to discuss:

  • Is graffiti mess or art?
  • Is art always beautiful?
  • If you are an artist, do you have to be skilled?
  • Why do people do graffiti?
  • If an artist sprays on your house, is it a crime?

Brilliant range of questions!

We spent some time discussing the final one. The initial concsus was that, you must have permission to paint on someone else’s property. But we did realise it wasn’t quite as simple what if a famous artists like Banksy added value to your house? If the first Stone Age people never painted on walls would art exist?