Y4 Rousseau’s Rainforest Dioramas

As part of our Amazonian Adventure Learning Journey, we studied the art of Henri Rousseau, and discovered lots about how he painted rainforest scenes in a ‘naive’ way, without ever having left France to see a rainforest for real. We used some of his ideas to create our own shoebox ‘dioramas’, with each layer representing […]

Y4 Amazonian Adventure Outdoor Learning

To support our learning about South America, the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River, we made links between the flora we find in Britain and that of the rainforest. Over several weeks we looked at tree types, compared leaf sizes, and made 3D images showing the layers of the rainforest. We also acted out some Amazonian […]

Autumn Term Week Seven

One World Week. The children started the week by looking at a map of the world and finding out where different children in the class and their families come from and if they have any connections to other countries. They also played with toys that children in different countries may have. Fun in the rain, […]

Autumn Term Week Six

Autumn, Conkers and a Bear Hunt! We’ve had a really busy week. The children started off the week by making an autumn dance. They used ribbons to make patterns as they danced and moved like leaves and hedgehogs. We’ve also made a class abacus using conkers. The children have been busy drilling holes, sawing wood […]

Hedgehog art work!

The children completed some hedgehog artwork – either as a collage inside, outside with natural resources or on the computer!

Numicon addition!

The children did a great job of adding two different pieces of numicon together. We even recorded our answers on our boards and worked with a partner to check our answers!


We practised addition with the numicon and wrote these number sentences on our whiteboards. We worked with a partner to chose the numbers, and some of us managed to add 2-digit numbers to a 1-digit number!


The children looked at the human skeleton and then recreated theirs using art straws! We love the accuracy of the elbow and knee joints!

Y1 as detectives!

The children looked at a range of clues to work out what nocturnal creature we will be learning about this term – can your child remember what it was?