Ancient Egyptian STEM in Year 3

In recent weeks, the children in year 3 have been really getting stuck into a series of STEM projects (Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as they investigate different aspects of ancient Egyptian life.

Pyramid Angles

We measured the angles that the Ancient Egyptians had built their pyramid and learnt how this affected the height and strength. We then used this knowledge to built our own pyramids out of authentic egyptian materials.

Forces and machines to build pyramids

We considered how the ancient Egyptians might have moved the huge blocks of stone they used to build the pyramids. How would the use of sledges and rollers reduce friction and what would be the best way to move the materials across the desert?

Using magnets

We experimented with magnets, including a fun magnet race! We then used our knowledge to consider how magnets could have helped the ancient Egyptians build their incredible architecture.

Buoyant reed boats

We also developed an understanding of buoyancy as the children replicated the ancient Egyptian reed boats. Which design would work best and support the biggest load?