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Y6 Food Technology – Jerk Chicken

As part of our ‘Jammin’ in Jamaica’ learning journey, the Year 6 children were tasked with creating a bespoke spice blend to use in our food technology lessons. Using ratios, and working as part of a team, the children blended fourteen different herbs and spices together to create a unique spice-rub. This was applied to […]

Y6 Chocolate Bar Design and Technology

In DT lessons as part of our Aztec Learning Journey, the Year 6 children designed and created their own chocolate bar and packaging. Thinking carefully about the brand name, font, colour and slogan, the product was designed with the consumer in mind and made to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Year 6 Young Leader Training

This week, our Year 6 pupils have been working with a member of staff from Forge School Sports Partnership to complete their young leader training. This knowledge was put to good use, supporting the Year 1 children in a number of active and engaging games. Values of patience, empathy, and determination were visible in abundance! […]

Aztec collages

The Year 6s have been learning how Aztec artisans created mosaics using semi-precious stones, such as jade and turquoise. In our art lessons, we focused on the elements of space, colour and shape to create these stunning pieces:

The Year 6 Stratford Residential 2023

The Year 6 pupils and staff enjoyed three glorious days in sunny Stratford-upon-Avon last week. The children were a credit to the school, learnt lots about Shakespeare (and chocolate!) and made lots of happy memories.

Y6 – SATs Week

The Year 6 team, as well as all the adults at Dore Primary School, would like to congratulate the Year 6 pupils for the manner in which they conducted themselves during SATs week. Children approached the tests with great maturity and displayed calm, purposefulness and resilience throughout the week. Well done!

Y6 – Art – A Midsummer Night’s Dream Sculptures

In Art, Year 6 have been creating clay busts of characters from the play we are studying this year: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Children experimented with using wire frames within their clay sculptures to support the structure where required and the finished sculptures have also been painted. Can you tell which character each sculpture is?

Y6 – English – WW2 Air Raid Writing

In English this half-term, Year 6 have been learning about World War 2 and have focussed in their writing on the experiences of British families during The Blitz. Children have focussed on writing to entertain using a mixture of action and suspense as well as choosing vocabulary specifically for effect. Hopefully, the reader will also […]

Musical Soiree at Dore Primary School

Our talented musicians and singers had their moment in the spotlight this week at the Dore Primary Musical Soiree. The performers contributed to a wonderful evening of music and song – it was a truly memorable and inspirational experience! We hope this is the start of a new yearly tradition and that even more of […]