Year 2

Y2 – Science (plants)

In Y2 we have been learning about the parts of plants and what plants need to survive. We have planted beans in the classroom and seeds in our outdoor planters. Over the next few weeks we are going to observe and describe how they grow in different conditions.

Y2 Old Hay Brook

In our outdoor learning, the children used junior-hacksaws and square lashing knots to create rafts. We then used our science learning of floating and sinking to test if they would float on the brook. The children all had a wonderful time (although some rafts were damaged in the process!). Thanks to the parents who were […]

Y2 – Mini Olympics

Today we visited the English Institute of Sport and participated in the Mini-Olympics. The children showed excellent sportsmanship and demonstrated their PE skills. (Funding provided by the PE and sport premium.)

Y2 – Testing Materials

In Y2 we have been working scientifically to test the properties of materials. The knowledge we have developed about these materials will support us with our DT project to create weatherproof buildings.

Y2 Maths – fractions of shapes

We have been learning about halves, thirds and quarters. This week we used salt dough to help us represent different fractions e.g. two thirds. If you want to practise this learning at home, you could play on ’Fractonio’s Pizza’ on PurpleMash.

Y2 – Local History and Geography

Today in Y2, the children have been studying the geographical changes in Dore since 1890. We identified that human features have changed the most, mainly the amount of houses built in the locality. We are creatively representing the changes we have discovered over time, as an aerial map.

Whole School – On the Last Day Before Christmas…

… my true love sent to me a fantastic whole-school assembly! Every child (and adult) in school came together in the junior hall to enjoy and join in with performances from the Junior Choir and the Y2 Nativity. This lovely event was completed with a full rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, with each […]