Year 3 Summer Walk and Outdoor Art

Year 3 had a super day with a walk to Blacka Moor in the morning and creating outdoor art in the afternoon. It allowed us to put into practice some of the learning from our ‘How does your garden grow?’ learning journey; we gathered natural materils for both the art and future science lessons. It […]

Y1 – Outdoor Learning – making a fire

The year 1 children had the pleasure of Mr Fletcher showing them how to start a fire today! They thought about ways to stay safe and practised starting a fire. Some children were able to make sparks and a few even managed to start a fire! We toasted marshmallows too and listened to a story […]

Y1 – Art / RE

The children listened to the Christian parable of The Lost Sheep and thought about the moral of the story. They then made their own paper plate sheep using card and cotton wool !

Summer 2

What a busy half term we’ve had so far! We’ve been thinking a lot about animals, including bees, sheep and goats. We’ve learned new songs, finger rhymes and we’ve done lots of crafts. Making patterns Going on a pattern hunt Marshmellows on the fire Making chocolate rice crispy cakes and biscuits Sheep, goats and bees […]

Y1 – RE / Computing

Today, we listened to the Christian story of ’The Good Samaritan’. We thought about Jesus’ message to love thy neighbour and who our neighbours are. The children then used the Activ inspire app on the laptops to label different characters from the story with key adjectives. Through this activity, the children were able to practise […]

Y1 outdoor learning

Y1 went into our outdoor area in KS2 today to learn all about fire with Mr Fletcher. The children thought about a ’fire triangle’ – naming the three things a fire needs – and then learnt about ways to stay safe when around fires. The children went to find suitable fuel for a fire too! […]

Y1 – Science – Food Chains!

Today, the children learnt all about different food chains. They could explain how energy is transferred between living things and some children even managed to use key vocabulary such as ’prey’, ’predator’, ’producer’ and ’consumer’!