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Being Detectives and Working Together

In Science this week the children became detectives and had to use their observational skills to figure out which type of animal we are going to be learning about over the coming weeks. There were lots of clues to investigate – I wonder if any of the children can tell their grown ups which animal […]

Provision and Show and Tell

We are so proud of how creative our children are! Here are some examples of their show and tell this week, as well as some examples of their resourcefulness and creativity whilst accessing the provision.

English Silly Sentences

The children have been learning all about nouns and verbs this week, culminating in us creating our own very silly sentences from a bank of nouns and verbs that the children came up with themselves.

Y1 Water Relay

We worked on our team building skills this afternoon, whilst cooling off at the same time! The children had to transfer water from one receptacle to another, without spilling too much on the way. They did a great job supporting each other, and utilised their measuring skills to judge the winners of each race.

Y1 – Art – patterns!

Today we looked at different types of pattern and tried to replicate some from our environment (fabric samples!). They children tried hard to mimic shapes and colours they spotted.

Y1 – Trip to Shirebrook Valley

Today, we visited Shirebrook Valley and met rangers Nell and James! They taught us all about creatures that live in ponds and woods. We then tried pond dipping and identified lots of different insects and living things! We also enjoyed making habitats for woodland animals as well as art work made from natural materials. A […]

Y1 – Outdoor Learning – making a fire

The year 1 children had the pleasure of Mr Fletcher showing them how to start a fire today! They thought about ways to stay safe and practised starting a fire. Some children were able to make sparks and a few even managed to start a fire! We toasted marshmallows too and listened to a story […]

Y1 – Art / RE

The children listened to the Christian parable of The Lost Sheep and thought about the moral of the story. They then made their own paper plate sheep using card and cotton wool !