Foundation Stage 2

FS2 – Thank you!

We’ve come to the end of another school year and one our current FS2 can be justly proud of. We have received many messages and some very genrous gifts from all the families and we’re extremely grateful. Mostly though we are grateful for all the support we have received at home with the children’s learning […]

FS2 Final outdoor learning with Miss Bradley – A camp fire cook up!

What an amazing day we’ve had in Foundation today…everyone helped to pick, wash, chop and cook our vegetables that we planted back in Spring. The children even had a go at fire-lighting using the flint and steel. We added some rosemary to the potatoes and carrot and served them up – so warm and tasty […]

FS2 Archery

This week in outdoor learning the children all had a go at Archery. We learnt about the equipment we were using and talked about the best technique. The children were amazing at taking turns, helping each other, and cheering each other on. We were impressed with their strength, coordination and balance.

FS2 Pirate Medallions

This week in outdoor learning the children made their own pirate medallions. They moulded the clay with their hands and scavenged for small natural gems among the wildlife garden. They then decorated their medallions, taking their time, thinking about patterns, shapes and textures (building on last week’s learning). Once the medallions are dry, the children […]

FS2 Nature Treasure Chests

What a magical time we have had this week in outdoor learning. Children had to hunt high and low for natures treasures on our school grounds and found some really interesting things. Off we went with our treasure chests (egg boxes) which we filled with: snail shells, baby conkers, apple babies, cherry babies, catkins, beech […]

FS2 Pirate nature flags

This week in outdoor learning the children made their own pirate flags using natural resources. They chose various leaves and flowers, laid them on a piece of cotton, folded this in half and then bashed all the pigment out using a hammer. The children were safe and responsible with the tools and very creative with […]

FS2 Orienteering (outdoor learning)

This week children in FS2 had the opportunity to try orienteering. We had to put our map reading skills to the test and communicate effectively for this task. Children hunted for coloured flags around the school grounds, using numbers on a map to help them. We were really impressed with their determination to complete the […]

FS2 Summer Nature Scavenger Hunt

This week we welcomed the children back into Summer 2 with a scavenger hunt. Firstly we shared the poem ‘June’ by John Updike. We talked about long, warm summer days and adventures that we like to go on, games we like to play outside and being out and about in nature. We went outside to […]

Coronation Celebrations in FS2

The children in FS2 have had a great day today celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III. We have been taking part in the following activities: Collaging in our floor books. Writing “time capsule” notes about what the children know they will be doing over Coronation weekend. Designing and making their own crowns and finger […]