Year 5 Orienteering Competition

24 fabulous orienteers enjoyed a wonderful afternoon competing against a host of other schools at Birley Academy. We didn’t win in terms of the times. But we definitely won in terms of teamwork and friendship. The children worked in teams of 4. They could have any number of runners at a time. Most schools sent one […]

Year 5 – Narrative Writing – The Ridge

Linking with our geographical Learning Journey, Out and About, Year 5 have been writing narratives based on The Ridge. We first focused upon building an atmosphere of apprehension by describing the daunting setting and the characters body-language to represent his emotions. We then switched to use similar techniques to show Danny’s exhilaration as he tackled the […]

Y3 Clay Models – Polar Animals

Inspired by Inuit sculpture we made models of polar animals out of clay. To make them strong, we needed to form them out of one piece not stick bits together. We also painted a background showing the environment they live in. We used our models and backgrounds to consider how animals are adapted to survive […]

FS2 – Imaginary maps

Today we talked about Geography being the study of places and had a look at some different types of maps. The children then created theirown maps. Some at the table with an adult, some wanted to have a go themseves in the provision. Lots of the children had taken on board the common features of […]

Y3 Outdoor Learning – Shelter Building

Linked to our Pole to Pole learning journey our theme this term was shelter building. Our day was suitably chilly -2 degrees but no one complained! Just look how we got on. There were four activities running through out the day: Activity 1: To make a ridge line shelter tarp lean to. Activity 2 – […]

Y3 Geography

In our new Learning Journey ‘Pole to Pole’ the children had an immersive lesson all about the Earth using Tier 3 vocabulary. We set up the hall to look like a huge globe using cones and labelled different parts. The children then had to find their way to the correct place when asked. We looked […]

Y4 River Fieldwork

To tie in with our ‘Amazonian Adventure’, Y4 learned about the features of rivers, and how water flows through them. To embed the new vocabulary and test out some ideas (hypotheses) we had come up with, we visited Old Hay Brook on a Geography Field Trip. We sketched and annotated what we could see, using […]