Y3 Maths Place value – ordering numbers

As Mathematicians, to consolidate our understanding of place value we made our own 0-1000 number lines. In groups, we labelled multiples of 10 and 100 then placed random 3 digit numbers on our number lines. Are they all in the right order?

Maths Y1

The children learnt how to recognise full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty with water.

Y6 – Maths – 3D Shapes: Euler’s Law and Platonic Solids

As part of our unit of shape, Year 6 children have been exploring 3D shapes. In this lesson, children were investigating Euler’s Law (That, in many 3D shapes, the number of faces plus the number of vertices is 2 more than the number of edges or F+V=E+2), using polydron. Children were also built the 5 […]

Y6 – Science – Reflection

In Science this half term, Year 6 are learning about light and seeing. Having established last week that light travels in straight lines, this week, we have been exploring how light can change its direction of travel by reflecting off a surface, always reflecting at an equal angle to which it approached the surface. Children […]

Y2 Maths – fractions of shapes

We have been learning about halves, thirds and quarters. This week we used salt dough to help us represent different fractions e.g. two thirds. If you want to practise this learning at home, you could play on ’Fractonio’s Pizza’ on PurpleMash.