Year 3

Y3 English

In English we have been learning about Captain Robert Falcon Scott. We looked at some of his diary entries whilst he was on his expedition. In this English lesson we did some Drama. In small groups we then put ourselves in Roberts shoes and mimed his emotions and feelings at certain points in his diary. […]

Y3 Geography

In our new Learning Journey ‘Pole to Pole’ the children had an immersive lesson all about the Earth using Tier 3 vocabulary. We set up the hall to look like a huge globe using cones and labelled different parts. The children then had to find their way to the correct place when asked. We looked […]

Y3 English

The children have started their new Learning Journey ‘Pole to Pole’. In English we have been learning all about Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and explorer of The Antarctic. We analysed texts all about his life and answered questions using the information provided. The children learnt lots of new facts.

Y3 Science

In our Learning Journey ‘Fantastic Foods and Brilliant Bodies’ we have been learning all about the bones and muscles of our bodies. The children were given different parts of the body and had to connect them all in the correct place.

Y3 Outdoor Learning Day

Y3 braved the outdoors for our session on rope skills. There were four activities running through out the day: Activity 1: Challenges to tie different knots (reef, overhand, half hitch and timber hitch). Activity 2: Using shear and square lashing to create structures. Activity 3: Create a friendship bracelet using a basic knot. Activity 4: […]


This week in Y3 we had the opportunity to take part in a calming session of Yoga. This gave the children the chance to have a taster of the session before signing up to the new Yoga afterschool club. The children focussed on their breathing and also did many different poses. We all felt super […]

Y3 Science – different joints

As Scientists, we investigated how our skeleton provides: protection, support and movement. We found out about the different joints: ball and socket, gliding and hinge. We designed a playground game that had to include movement of all 3 joints. We played these games to keep us fit and healthy!

Y3 RE – Rangoli designs

Rangoli patterns are bright patterns on the floor by the door to welcome visitors into Hindu homes. Do you like our Rangoli designs? We hope they bring joy to you like rangoli designs do in Hindu homes.

Y3 Maths Place value – ordering numbers

As Mathematicians, to consolidate our understanding of place value we made our own 0-1000 number lines. In groups, we labelled multiples of 10 and 100 then placed random 3 digit numbers on our number lines. Are they all in the right order?

Y3 Science & Outdoor learning – types of skeletons

As Scientists, Year 3 found out about the different types of skeletons: vertebrates (back bone) and invertebrates (no back bone). These skeleton types were further classified into: endoskeletons (back bone and bones in side body), exoskeletons (no backbone and bones outside of body) and hydrostatic skeletons (no bones). We sorted different different animals into these […]