Y5 Shelter Building – Ridge-Line Shelters

Y5 have been developing their outdoor learning skills by building shelters using tarps, staves and rope. They learnt how to tie and lash using clove hitches and shear lashings; creating supported and free-standing shelters. They ensured that their rope-work was very tight, creating a rigid shelter that could keep out the wind and rain. Alongside […]

Year 3 Healthy Walk

Last week, Year 3 set out on a healthy walk to Ecclesall Woods. We were looking for evidence of things that had been eaten (and the flap jacks didn’t count!). We used the evidence to think about the food chains that might exist in our local environment: producers, consumers, prey and predators. It was also […]

Y6 – Design and Technology – Making Chocolate

In Y6, this half term, we have been learning about the ways in which Aztecs used the beans of the cacao tree to make edible products. We also compared and contrasted the Aztec use of cacao to how the Europeans began to make use of cacao once it was brought back to Europe. Focussing on […]

Year 3 – D&T – Fruity Flapjack

Throughout our ‘Fantastic Food and Brilliant Bodies’ learning journey we have talked about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for fueling our bodies. As we were off on our first Year 3 Autumn walk in to the woods, we knew we would need a healthy snack. Working together we made a tray of fruity […]

Year 3 Science – Skeletons and Muscles

In our ‘Fantastic Food and Brilliant Bodies’ learning journey we have been busy learning all about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. In Science, we have looked at how important our skeleton and muscles are for providing our bodies with support, protection and movement. We had a table challenge – half constructing the […]

Y5 Create Model Solar Systems

Y5 learnt about our solar system by creating a model representation of the planets, drawing each one to scale, before measuring out the correct distance from the sun for each planet. They then connected them together with string and fastened them to a tent peg. They sunk the peg into the field and then spread […]

Y2 – Maths – Empty number lines!

Today, the children took their learning about empty numberline and went outside to apply it! They worked with a partner and made their own 0-10 or 0-100 numberlines and tested one another to estimate the position of different numbers.

Pre-School Autumn 1 Week 6 – Squirrel Nutkin

This week we have continues our Squirrel Nutkin story and exploring all things to do with Autumn. We re-told the story- the children are becoming more familiar with the songs now and a firm favourite is ‘Roly poly ever so slowly, roly poly ever so fast’! We have been discussing squirrels and the colour of […]