The National Curriculum (2014) states, “A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.” This statement provides the overarching aims for our geography curriculum at Dore Primary School. The National Curriculum also sets out the subject’s scope and content that will be studied in Key Stages 1 and 2. For the Foundation Stage, the Early Learning Goals similarly provide guidance to ensure children are developing their Understanding of the World.  

We ensure that throughout the school each year group gives our children opportunities to learn about geography in a way that allows them to progress and become fluent in their geographical knowledge and skills. At Dore Primary School geography is taught though our topics which are chosen by each year group to give a focus to the learning each half term. We aim to make our curriculum relevant, current, creative, exciting and engaging. Lessons are planned to respond to current and important issues and are closely related to the real world making children’s learning purposeful and meaningful. Our geography curriculum is also explicitly linked to our whole school values and our social, moral, spiritual and cultural responsibilities.A link to a document setting out these connections is below.

In October we launched the ‘Our Wonderful World’ photography competition, to encourage children to use photography to show their sense of wonder and fascination about the physical and human world. Children submitted photographs they had taken themselves. The breadth of themes and the standard of photography were amazing and are now displayed in the Junior building promoting both geography and creativity.

At Dore Primary School our geography curriculum is also closely linked to our Global Dimension and Charity commitments  as a Unicef Rights Respecting School and Fairtrade School, as well as our whole school focus on Outdoor Learning.

Geography News:

  • Y5 Castleton Residential – Wednesday
    Wednesday was walk day. The air was cooler, but the skies were still clear. As you can see from the photos, the views from Mam Tor were amazing. The walk also took in Peveril Castle, as part of our ‘Who Do We Think We Are? The Normans’ learning journey.
  • Y5 Castleton Residential – Tuesday
    On Tuesday morning, while some children went for a stroll and a paddle down Miller’s Dale, others completed the High Ropes challenges and obstacle course on site. In the afternoon some groups went caving, while others did the High Ropes then had a dip in the pond! Tuesday finished off with a toasted marshmallow around […]
  • Year 3 Summer Walk and Outdoor Art
    Year 3 had a super day with a walk to Blacka Moor in the morning and creating outdoor art in the afternoon. It allowed us to put into practice some of the learning from our ‘How does your garden grow?’ learning journey; we gathered natural materils for both the art and future science lessons. It […]
  • Out and About with Y5
    Y5 trekked out into the wilderness this week, on our Spring Walk. This adventurous hike into the wilds was supposed to conclude our “Out and About” learning journey, but our previous date had to be cancelled due to the weather becoming too extreme even for hardy Y5 pupils. The children followed a route around the […]
  • Y5 Finish Their Journey “Out and About”
    Y5 have just concluded their Learning Journey for the half term. Called “Out and About” this journey focuses on the geographical knowledge and skills required to interpret maps and understand the world around us. Check out our Celebration Assembly to learn more.
  • Fair Trade Fortnight
  • Y1 – Signs of spring
    During our outdoor learning today, we looked for signs of Spring. We spotted crocuses, daffodil shoots and some snowdrops! Shame the weather was so wet! We then sketched some of these early signs of Spring – don’t they look great!
  • Y1 – what we know about the United Kingdom…
    This term our learning journey is called ’How far I’ll go’ – in which we learn more about our place in the world! So far we have learnt lots about the countries that make up the United Kingdom, including sharing ones we have visited, and the ones we would like to visit one day! Take […]
  • Y4 Learning Journey 1 – Amazonian Adventure
  • Y4 Rousseau’s Rainforest Dioramas
    As part of our Amazonian Adventure Learning Journey, we studied the art of Henri Rousseau, and discovered lots about how he painted rainforest scenes in a ‘naive’ way, without ever having left France to see a rainforest for real. We used some of his ideas to create our own shoebox ‘dioramas’, with each layer representing […]
  • Y4 Amazonian Adventure Outdoor Learning
    To support our learning about South America, the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River, we made links between the flora we find in Britain and that of the rainforest. Over several weeks we looked at tree types, compared leaf sizes, and made 3D images showing the layers of the rainforest. We also acted out some Amazonian […]