Y1 Orthoptics visitors!

As part of their science learning about senses, Year 1 have been visited by some University of Sheffield trainee Orthoptists who have taught them lots about the eye and showed them through role play what an eye test would be like if they visited an opticians.

Y3 Science

In our Learning Journey ‘Fantastic Foods and Brilliant Bodies’ we have been learning all about the bones and muscles of our bodies. The children were given different parts of the body and had to connect them all in the correct place.

Y4 Natural Balms

Taking inspiration from stories of some of the people of the Amazon Rainforest, and how they utilise many of the plants and fruits found in the rainforest, Y4 created a balm useful as a remedy for insect bites and stings from plantain (the grass not the fruit), olive oil and beeswax. We boiled the oil, […]

Y4 River Fieldwork

To tie in with our ‘Amazonian Adventure’, Y4 learned about the features of rivers, and how water flows through them. To embed the new vocabulary and test out some ideas (hypotheses) we had come up with, we visited Old Hay Brook on a Geography Field Trip. We sketched and annotated what we could see, using […]

Y3 Science – different joints

As Scientists, we investigated how our skeleton provides: protection, support and movement. We found out about the different joints: ball and socket, gliding and hinge. We designed a playground game that had to include movement of all 3 joints. We played these games to keep us fit and healthy!

Y1 Cardiologist visit

Year 1 have been learning about the human body and healthy eating within their Learning journey lessons. They have had a special visit from a Cardiologist who talked to them about their bodies and eating healthy.

Y4 Layers of the Rainforest

As part of our ‘Amazonian Adventure’ learning journey, we studied how the flora of the rainforest can be split into different layers: emergent, canopy, understorey and undergrowth/forest floor. To conslidate this learning, children spent an outdoor learning session trying to recreate scale models of the rainforest using scavenged items.

Y3 Science & Outdoor learning – types of skeletons

As Scientists, Year 3 found out about the different types of skeletons: vertebrates (back bone) and invertebrates (no back bone). These skeleton types were further classified into: endoskeletons (back bone and bones in side body), exoskeletons (no backbone and bones outside of body) and hydrostatic skeletons (no bones). We sorted different different animals into these […]

Y3 Science – food groups

As scientists, we found out about the five different food groups: carbohydrates, protein, fats and sugars, dairy and fruit and vegetables. We went on a treasure hunt to find lots of different foods and sort them into the correct group. Then we investigated how different foods have different functions on the body. For example, protein […]