Year 1

Tree Planting

During the last few weeks all the children in school have had several assembly presentations in which we’ve looked at the huge benefits of trees and woodland on our mental health and of course the wider environment. The Y3 and Y1 children teamed up to help each other plant their own native tree species on school grounds at Kings Croft. The children […]

RE-Year 1

Year 1 have learnt about the Easter story and made their own palm leaves to celebrate.

Y1 English

Year 1 have started their new English topic looking into Katherine Johnson’s life. They acted as Katherine by making rockets suitable to fly into space!

On the Last Day Before Christmas…

… my true love sent to me a fantastic whole-school assembly! Every child (and adult) in school came together in the junior hall to enjoy and join in with performances from the Junior Choir and the Y2 Nativity. This lovely event was completed with a full rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, with each […]

Y4 English – Portal Stories

Y4 have spent a great deal of care, time and effort creating these amazing stories. First we read about different examples of ‘portal story’, including The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Phantom Tollbooth. We worked out that mostly portal stories start with someone who isn’t happy with their everyday life (just like […]