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Poem fit for a king – Town Hall Celebration

Dore Primary entered poems into the Schools Libray Service’s Poem fit for a king competition. And, thanks to the brilliant work of Iris and Hattie, we won! To celebrate, Iris and Hattie chose friends to accompany them on a a trip to Sheffield town hall for a writing and illustrating workshop with author of the […]

Y3 French

In our French lessons this term we have been learning lots of new vocabulary about animals and colours. Now we have put these together to make sentences describing animals using adjectives. We have learnt that in French the adjectives go after the noun! See if you can translate our sentences…

Year 4 Basketball – South Yorkshire Finals

The champion Year 4 Basketball team went on to the South Yorkshire Finals at Ponds Forge to pit their skills against the best teams from Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley. We didn’t get a medal place but played some super competative games agisnt some challenging teams. As always, the team were a credit to the […]

Reading Challenges 2023

We are starting to get some brillinat responses to our the 2023 Reading Challenges! Please encourage your child to complete as many challenges as possible. Put your initials next to a challenge when they omplete it. Please return the sheets to class teachers by Friday 9th June.  One child per class will have the chance […]

Year 3 Creswell Crags 2023

To really immerse ourselves in our ‘Mists of Time’ learning journey, Year 3 took a trip to the Stone Age site of Creswell Crags. Although there were threats of a return of an Ice Age, we had a super day experiencing both life in the Stone Age and working as a palaeontologist. The children could […]

World Book Day at Dore Primary School 2023

This year, World Book Day had a potato theme! Inspired by brilliant Books like Supertato and I am a Poetato the children all created a vegetable version of a character from one of their favourite books. We came together to share our favourites at he end of the day! A big thanks to The Village […]

Y6 Netball Tournament

The Y6 Netball team have taken part in their first tournament at Concord Sports Centre. The Y6’s were playing against schools from across Sheffield. The team made it through to the semi-finals and came third overall. The team were definitely a credit to our school both in terms of their netball ability but also the […]

Y3 – Science – Climate Change

Some of the last learning Year 3 completed for their Pole to Pole topic was to understand climate change: What it is, How humans are causing it, The effects on the world’s biomes (espeically the polar region), What we can do about it. To do this, we: Used maps to understand what a geographical change […]

Y3 Art – Clay polar animals

As part of our Pole to Pole learning journey we have been learning how to model clay to form a polar animal of our choice. We thought carefully about how to mix our paints to create the appropriate colours for our polar animals and habitats. See if you can recognise which polar region they came […]