Y1 History Van

Year 1 went on a mission into space!! They did some space training, made their own rockets and even tried some real life space food.

Y4 ‘Roman Road’ Walk

To support our learning in History, Geography and Outdoor Learning, Y4 walked along the Houndkirk Road, through Burbage Valley then over Carl Wark and Higger Tor. On the Houndkirk Road, we investigated the claims some people have made that it is a Roman Road. Children thought carefully about what they could see: kerbstones, ‘pavimentum’ layers […]

Y3 Science – Forces

The children have been exploring forces this term and thinking about ways we can see the effects of forces. We linked this learning to our Ancient Egypt topic to think about ways to move pyramid blocks efficiently. They used saws to prepare ‘rollers’ for this purpose too!

Y3 Learning Journey – History and Art

The children looked at shabtis as a form of Ancient Egyptian primary evidence and thought about what these could have been used for… They then used clay to create their own ‘servant’ for the afterlife, using previous skills such as hatching and using slip to make joins. Finally the children wrapped up their shabtis in […]

Y4 Roman Mosaics

In History we found out about how the ancient Romans used mosaics to tile walls and floors in their houses. We saw how archaeologists sometimes discover them as part of their investigations, and how painstaking they can be to uncover without ruining them. Then, in Art and Design, we found out just how painstaking they […]

Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning

To support our learning about the Romans in Britain, Y4 found out about Roman Road making by creating a mini version of the layers used by the Romans to create their famour roads.  In June we will be putting this learning to the test to decide whether a local road could have been made by […]

Y3 History Van – Burying the Pharaoh

We have had the History Van in school to help us find out more about the life and death of Pharaoh Ramses II. Using clues from the discovery of his temple (the Ramesseum) and his tomb we have found out such a lot more about Ancient Egyptian life and beliefs. We made Scarab pendants, scribed […]

Y3 History – The Stone Age

In History the children have been learning all about The Stone Age. They have learned lots of new facts and we have also researched information that we were unsure about using the IPADS. In this lesson this children used lots of difference Maths resources to build their own version of Stonehenge. We had so much […]

Y3 History

Our new learning journey Mists of Time begins with a lesson on all about whether items are biodegradable or non-biodegradable. The children went outside and buried different items and used their predicting skills to predict what the items will look like when we dig them up in a few weeks.

Y4 Design and Technology – Sewing Chitons

To support our understanding of the Ancient Greek world, we learned about why loose-fitting garments like ‘chitons’ would be comfortable in the Greek climate. To create our own chiton (for a teddy), we used some scraps of material to practice running stitch, which we had learned in Y3. We then learned how to do backstitch, […]